Beacon Villas at Corolla Light and Exotic Home have collaborated to come up with four distinctive design palettes, assuring there is a stylish choice for everyone. Coordinating finishes, fabrics, and color schemes will create different looks, while your custom tailored furnishings packages assures a unique look for your home. We encourage you to work with one of Exotic Home’s designers to create your dream design. See examples and descriptions of the design palettes below…

The Albemarle

Timeless and classic, like your favorite linen trousers. The look is sophisticated and uncomplicated; crisp upholstery, weathered furnishings, and bold stripes mixed in a distinct palette of whites, neutrals, and blues. This coastal style accessorizes with collectible shells, maritime instruments, nautical antiques, and seafaring art.

The Coquina

Sleek and sexy, the look is all about clean lines without excess detailing. Layers of organic texture, geometric patterns, and carefully placed accessories give off a fresh aesthetic. Polished and poised, this home carefully showcases each item in a well thought out, balanced design.

The Ocracoke

Fresh and playful, mixing old and new, color and pattern are no strangers here. The look is laid back and eclectic with a penchant for the bohemian. Natural fibers mingle with playful prints, daiquiri and citrus hues, the ultimate always-on-vacation vibe.

The Whalehead

Refined and elegant, like a string of pearls, traditional design never goes out of style. The look takes its inspiration from the past, and is all about class and comfort. Tasteful furnishings in rich wood tones, dignified colors, and an orderly appearance make this coastal style super easy to live with.

Beacon Quarters at Corolla Light

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